Posted 23 July, 2006 by excellentadventure
Categories: Beginnings, Cruising, Cruising with Children

Here begins our tale, of the adventures of TeamHudson. Many of you will have landed here from my other blog, ElementalMom. That blog is more for musings, tirades, discussions of motherhood and politics and discovery. This blog, however, is a completely different story. This is the tale of our family, making one of the biggest leaps a family can make.

A while back, Jason and I were startled to discover that despite all the various hopes, dreams, and aspirations of our youth, we’d somehow found ourselves being garden-variety desk-driving SUV-owning suburbanites.

And we were slightly ill.

Late one evening, after the boys were tucked in and the lights were low, we dared to start dreaming again. We told each other stories about what we wanted out of our life together. And in no time at all, we’d discovered that the shape of our collective dream was a ship. And that our children’s futures were the stars we had to sail her by. And that was enough to get started with.

Being a research geek, I started, well, researching. What I really wanted to find was a total cradle-to-grave how-to manual for what we wanted to do. And it just isn’t out there. Most of the books on ditching it all for the cruising life are of the general theme “just do it! And rollerfurling mainsails suck!”

Not really all that helpful. But it does tell me that there’s a place in the world for our story. So here we are, ready to tell it as it happens. Maybe I’ll massage it into a real print book sometime later. But we really don’t want our friends and family to have to wait that long to hear what we’re thinking.

So… welcome aboard. This is the beginning.